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Eugenie Chao is a New York based ceramicist and art educator. Eugenie’s ceramics journey began at a community pottery studio in NYC almost a decade ago. Her ceramics work is heavily influenced by her experiences working at an Ancient Near Eastern and Islamic art gallery and her training and experiences as a music educator. Inspired by millennia-old music instruments and ancient cultures, she is currently building a range of wind and percussion instruments out of clay. This instrument project will have a performance element that invites participation from the general public. Her goal is to bring people from different communities together to make music and encourage reflection about our shared humanity. 


Eugenie holds a Bachelor of Science in Music Education and Master of Art in Arts Administration, both from New York University. She is currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts at City University of New York (Queens College) and is teaching at various pottery studios in NYC.


Loading a Noborigama salt chamber at Peters Valley School of Craft.

Photo credit: @sophiekyoon.ceramics

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