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​Eugenie Chao is a New York-based artist, educator, and musician who uses clay as her primary material for self-expression. Her practice in clay combines techniques in handbuilding and wheel throwing to create abstract sculptures, animated animal figures, rich sounding musical instruments, and user-focused tableware. Her fascination for this versatile and tactile earthy material stems from a deep appreciation of nature and simplicity which permeates her work. This material also offers a window to millennia of history and connects us back to prehistoric civilizations. 

She is currently building a series of musical instruments made of natural materials such as ceramic, wood, and metal. The group of instruments are to be shared with the public for communal gathering and ensemble soundscape creation so that we can create something beautiful collectively and embrace our shared humanity. 



Loading the Noborigama salt chamber at Peters Valley School of Craft

Photo credit: @sophiekyoon.ceramics

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