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I have always been interested in human relationships and our tactile and emotional relationships with objects. 

​My current focus is a project that combines my background in music, my interest in ancient civilizations, and my love for the infinite possibilities of clay. Inspired by millenia-old music instruments, I am building a range of wind and percussion instruments out of clay. This project also has a performance element that invites participation from the general public. I hope to bring people from different communities together to make music and encourage reflection about our shared humanity. Please check "Musical Instruments" for updates about this project and follow me on IG @urbanclayware.

Eugenie Chao is teaching at local pottery studios in New York City and occasionally holds ocarina-making workshops. She is a Master of Fine Arts (expected 2025) student at Queens College, City University of New York and has a Bachelors in Music Education and a Masters in Performing Arts Administration both from New York University.


Loading a Noborigama salt chamber at Peters Valley School of Craft.

Photo credit: @sophiekyoon.ceramics

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