When I work with clay, I'm uniquely focused on the process. Being mostly a functional maker, I care about the functionality and comfortability of my work - from the thickness of my pot, the foot of my bowl, the curve of the rim, to the fluidity of the handles. How the form of the pot speaks and interacts with the "eyes of the beHOLDER" always fascinates me. 

Among all the ways to fire ceramics, I am most drawn to the process, the aesthetics, and the unpredictability of atmospheric firings. There's nothing like opening a kiln and seeing amazing results from the fruit of your labor. You can see some of the firing processes here.

My background is in music education and arts administration. I enjoy sharing my love of the arts with those around me. I got hooked on clay when I started recreational classes at a local ceramics studio. You will likely find me teaching adult wheel throwing and clay modeling with kids in NYC or getting muddy in my studio, making more bowls, mugs, or little animal rattles that make me smile. I'm also building larger and more sculptural works.


Loading a Noborigama salt kiln at Peter's Valley School of Craft at 12F, yes, Farenheit! :)

Photo credit: @sophiekyoon.ceramics