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an installation of sound and music making objects


Civilizations have been making clay instruments dating as far back as 7,000 years from the Chinese Xun 【塤】. This instrument project started in early 2023 to connect Chao's background as a music educator and the love for the infinite possibilities of clay as a material. With this project, the intention is to bring awareness of the extended history of the marriage between clay and music by exploring the making of various forms of wind and percussion instruments from cultures around the world. To bring the project to life, Chao will be inviting the community members of New York City to come together through playing a common beat with handmade instruments and encourage connections with those of whom we may not usually interact with.

Follow the project & participate: IG @urbanclayware

Sound Waves 2023
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Listen to four of the instruments featured above

Chinese Xun 2023
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XUN【塤】(pronounced "shoon")

Origins: China

The most primitive form of the Xun in clay was found 7000 years ago. Developed into a musical instrument in Shang dynasty (1600 – 1046BC).