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Through music and beyond

The yin and yang musicians describe the Eugenie’s memories of playing Taiwanese folk songs with her grandfather every time she visited her home country. The figures rest on top of a scholar’s rock carrying the wisdom her grandfather wishes to pass to her. The two musicians are functional  “Xun” 【陶塤】, a type of wind instrument that dates back to 5,000 BC in ancient China.

Watch and listen to them come alive below.


Porcelain, plaster, wood

L 13" x W 8" x H 21"

Taiwanese Folk Song - "Wang Chun Fong"

This is a well-loved Taiwanese folk song that I used to duet with my grandfather. He played the two stringed Chinese instrument, Er-Hu【二胡】and I played the western flute. Playing this song brings back countless memories of my childhood in Taiwan, connecting with all of those that also grew up with this song. 

Taiwanese Folk Song - Wang Chun Fong
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台灣民謠: 望春風


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This song was created out of improvisation on this ceramic Xun. Playing notes in the pentatonic scale reminds me of my Asian heritage and my childhood. There is a familiarity with this combination of notes for all of us to the Asian culture. 

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